Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i sold a bag of shit!

i was walking the beast a few days ago. he "did his business"/he crapped early. So then i got to walk along with a little black bag with dog shit in it. we walked past a house where an older guy working on his lawn. he called out, "excuse me, young man!" i stopped,"Yes?" he asked, "is that by any chance dog crapp in your bag?" "As a matter of fact, it is." "Could i have it for my garden?" "I'll give it you for $2." He reached into his pocket and pulled out two bills. Ibrought him the bag.

i'm not sure what my point is, but it gives a whole new meaning to "thats not worth shit."

Sunday, March 08, 2009


"holy shit" is what every single person who was there that night thought when he played. when it was over, i knew something special had happened. i bet he knew. everyone around me knew. i knew the first thing i would say to him would be "i am fucking honored to have filmed that."

and the second would be "man, that was fucking beautiful."

...and that is how the cult film BILL LEIGH: LIVE AT CAFE INTERNATIONAL came to be