Saturday, August 27, 2011


what is our responsibility as citizens to report what we suspect of not being human? i couldn't be sure. it could have been a real baby. well, babies are human, right? humans blink. well this little newbie, 3 months in, didn't blink. sure, occasionally it would sneeze or cough and its eyes would close for a quick second--long enough to keep everything hydrated. but it didn't blink, you know that things that eyes do naturally every once in a while. not this one--oh no, trey was just staring up at hell knows what. if you were to ask him what he was looking at, he might turn to you and say, "fuck all." like some creepy commercial that had come to life in your living room. but what if i was wrong and i reported him?
who exactly would i "report" him to? imagine how long that 911 call would last." this is 911. what is your emergency?
"yea. i just saw this baby that i don't think is human. you better send some people over."
"sir, it is against the law to joke on this"


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