Wednesday, December 16, 2009


good morning. i just had a weird dream that involved you so i thought i'd share. this was a college nostalgia dream. do you get those? so the setting obviously, is the lovely colonial campus of william and mary. but something is horribly different...the quaint colonial architecture has been replaced by huge gothic structures that reach into the sky. when i meet everybody in the sunken gardens, the castles surrounding the field are huge and i think i can see bats flying around. that is not the only weird change. the campus seems to be infested by small creautures resembling guinea pigs that run around on their hind legs. between these hind legs in a small hole that is very similar to a very tight human female vagina, so the guys are running around, chasing them, picking them up and fucking them--quite ridiculous, sort of a mixture between the keystone cops and caligula. i, however, am with a women--a very cute woman who happens to be an ex of yours. she says to me, "dave tells me you love jon stewart. is that true?" to shut her up, i go down on her....


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