Tuesday, September 18, 2007

night ride

what is it about the night in the city

that makes every fucker look at you twice like you're some sort of ghoul.

even the skinny guy in the security guard outfitis eyeing you like you're a zombie.

and then, even he scurries off--he doesn't stand up and walk away, he scurries, like a rat near rising water.

and you're alone, on the inside.

the metal tracks sing to you in some nonsensical bullshit language


but you glide along,

and you see the security guards in the lobbies behind the glass.

they're not scared.

then you see the sluts and the homos prancing around.

they don't look scared.

underground awaits your metal chariot to take you under the bay.

but suddenly you notice that everyone is moving a bit too slow

and now you're scared.


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