Saturday, June 02, 2007

my craigslist personal

are you really hot? maybe so hot that you intimidate guys? let me help you.

we're walking down the street, my hand on your ass and some guy nudges his buddy and says--what the hell is she doing with him?
pretty sweet for me, but whats in it for you?
one of these days, that guy that nudges his buddy is going to be your prince charming. he'll wait for you outside the ladies room or have the bartender pass you a note (miss, a note from the gentleman at the end of the bar)the note will say--what are you doing with him? leave with me tonight on my private jet. you will realize your ship has come in and you will leave me.
not so sweet for me anymore. i probably will have grown fond of you...but don't worry about me. it was all part of the plan. we'll have had our fun and some great memories...but i'll be watching and waiting. you see, there is also a woman out there that's going to see us, and she's going to be thinking, wow, what bait did he use to hook her. so she'll ask and i'll tell her--i'm 4,000 years old and i have gained great wisdom, when the truth is that i just give a good CL posting. so...let's give it a try. pls send a pic--you have to be smokin' for this to work.


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