Friday, May 13, 2011

a little philosophy?

as we advance, new pedestals are reached daily. eventually, these pedestals of humanity will be conquered by technology. sickness, even death, will be conquered. men will live far beyond their natural span. computers will run industry and our daily lives, calculating the minutiae of our lives. the computers will be in charge of commerce. economics will be the function of a microchip. but there will always be one thing that redeems the human soul--the arts. sure, the computer can print out a picture of a flower, even sketch it from memory. only the human mind would give this flower the characteristics of the human form. the computer could produce a stale tale--"jack and jill walked up the hill." but it would just be a combination of learned structure--subject, verb, object. only the human mind would describe how your thighs felt as they fought the hill or how jill smelled like a wet tuna sandwich. comedy and tragedy perhaps could be reduced to formulas that the the computer could imitate, but the next step, whatever it is, will be conquered by the human mind....


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