Thursday, September 19, 2013


 perfect is really such a bullshit word when it comes to some thins awesome but also subjective as a lap dance. that being said, let me tell you about a lap dance i got at a little place in long island. of course she was beautiful and had crazy skills   when my cousin dropped the 20 that got us into the backroom, i was living large. she sat me in my comfy chair and i was king. then the music started and she moved in on me like a cat to a mouse. when she was inches from me, she flicked her head and her hair covered my face and neck. each strand was the softest snake. they crawled across me--one even taking a moment to poke its head in my ear. with the next hair wave came a special surprise. with the flick, the snakes were thrown on my belly where they immediately sprinted towards my face. as the wave crested my face, a tiny jewel was born. a hard nipple landed on my lower lip and stumbled across it, not appearing long enough to be caught by a nibble. the next hair wave brought a continent of taught flesh and muscle--her body. her nipple had been a great opening show, but this was the main event. have you seen the big movies where alien craft hover over major cities? so she hovered above me. but she came close enough to terra firma that my timid lips could reach out and steal a small kiss. and again her body slid along my face, and on this pass, i allowed my teeth to take the gentlest of nibbles. all the time, i am afraid the no neck behind the cigar smoke is going to come over and kick my ass for touching the talent


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