Thursday, October 31, 2013


first i will set the scene. we are in a walk up studio in oakland. the only piece of furniture is a bookcase. the drum set is against one wall. the leader singer, beerman, is in front. to his right, the hero of this story, the faithful axman james aka moose. 123 the music starts hard and fast. almost instantly a small mosh pit forms near the "kitchen." moose slashes on driving the tune forward. like an errant atom in a particle accelerator, one of the kids kareens off the mosh pit and slams into james. he takes the hit well but stumbles backwards, tripping on a small amp. he falls, almost in slow motion. his hands have an assignment and they never stop. grind on good soldiers! his ass finds a home on top of an amp and hands reach out to help him up, but he grinds on, finishing the song sprawled among the equipment. kushgrinder triumphs.


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